The Top 5 Issues Newlyweds Face

March 31, 2017

Wedding planning takes a large amount of time, energy, and effort, but even so, the real work of marriage begins after saying “I do.” Marriage is a beautiful and exciting phase of life, but there are challenges that often arise amid the newlywed bliss. Understanding some common problems experienced by just-married couples before your big

6 Easy Habits of People in the Most Successful Marriages

March 8, 2017

Healthy relationships don’t happen overnight, and they aren’t as easy as some couples make them look. Being committed to your partner and learning to deal with conflicts together helps your relationship grow stronger. If you are in the midst of planning a wedding, there is no better time to start building a healthy romantic relationship

Your Wedding Transportation Checklist

February 28, 2017

Details, details, details! When planning a wedding, it is easy to feel like you are drowning in details because there are so many little things to decide, keep track of, and coordinate. As overwhelming as it seems, taking care of all those little details does make a big difference on the wedding day. Using to-do

7 Things We All Hear Way Too Many Times After Getting Engaged

February 24, 2017

Engagement is a fun and exciting time in a relationship, filled with romance, wedding planning, and noisy comments. Unfortunately, that list item is all too frequent; people often ask personal questions and make judgmental comments to engaged couples. If you are betrothed, you have probably heard some of these yourself. Let’s start sharing the love

Beyond the Bouquet Toss In Northern California

February 15, 2017

Wedding traditions often have long and somewhat strange histories, and the bouquet toss is no exception. Many couples today are turning away from tradition to create a special wedding day that has personal meaning. Including some traditions that are meaningful to you and incorporating new elements that reflect your style and relationship is a great